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There is a Better Way to Buy a Housewholesales

Wholesales are an excellent way to take advantage of deals. However, if you’re finally ready to invest in real estate and buy a house, what’s your first move? Call a realtor, of course. Realtors are constantly scouring MLS looking for great homes for buyers. They have tremendous training and resources in real estate transactions, it is only natural to seek their help whenever you are looking for your next fixer upper, or your next rental, and of course your next personal home. Some realtors are great at finding great houses that may fit your criteria. Yet when it comes to putting in an offer, it doesn’t appear to matter what you do, you are always competing with everyone else. You did your due-diligence ahead of time, perhaps came in with a clean offer, and yet if you really want that house, then still you better pay full market value, or even worse… above asking.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way? What if I told you that buying houses well below market value is possible? Would you then be willing to take just a few minutes to learn these simple tricks that could save you tens of thousands of dollars on your next deal?

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At PE Real Estate Solutions, we are constantly marketing for our next deals, and each month come across dozens of distressed houses and motivated homeowners looking to sell quickly at a deep discount, often between 10-40% below market value. We come across more deals than we can undertake and look to wholesale these deals to cash buyers like yourself. Sign up to the right to learn how to become an effective cash buyer and how to buy a wholesale deal, and you too can take advantage of these incredible wholesales and save you thousands of dollars.

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