How to Increase the Value of Your Home

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

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My friend has always lived in a nice flat very close to downtown. His life was good. He had a well-paid job together with some inherited money and valuables that allowed him to put aside a nice amount, for rainier days. Due to a recent downtrend in the local real estate market, the thought of purchasing a house that he could rent was getting more appealing each day. While visiting his parents in the countryside, this red-and-white beautiful cottage caught his glimpse. It was just sitting there, in a dreamy location at the bottom of the hills, begging him to visit. Having been on the search for a good real estate investment, he couldn’t have been happier when noticing the “For Sale” sign on the front yard.

Reinvent your interiors

Long story short, my friend purchased the property for more than a decent amount and he was getting ready to increase its value through proper, thorough renovation. The first thing that popped out was the raunchy yard surrounding the house. There were no trees, no flowers, no places to rest and the grass looked unevenly planted and terribly untrimmed. However, after reading a lot of related material and after speaking to all the local specialists, he decided that arranging it was the last thing on the list.

His home improvement plan has started from inside out. The first step was, of course, inspecting the place with the help of a professional. New layers of paint, restoration of roof holes, new energy-efficient electrical fixtures, new kitchen appliances and a lot of home decoration followed. All the apparently-insignificant details can play a big part in increasing the value of your real estate property. Room lighting, better looking bathrooms, thinner drapes, polished floors, new tiles, they all do wonders to adding real value to your beloved, new house.

Transform your backyard into an oasis

Having finished renovating his cheap, newly-acquired house he could finally focus on his favourite part, the yard. Undoubtedly, good looking grass, colourful plants, outdoor lighting, shrubs and trees add a lot to the curb appeal to your property. My friend choose vegetation that was native to that region. This way the plants have perfectly adapted and thrived in the backyard.

For this episode of raising your home value you do not even have to spend a lot. Go wild as my friend did and use any decent looking material you can get your hands on. An old pile of stones which was waiting to be thrown away, perfectly served as pathways across his new lawn. All they needed was some polishing. Landscaping does not need to be expensive in order to look good. Just use a lot of imagination and dedication to this project and it will turn out beautifully. Market studies state that landscaping can increase the value of a real estate property by up to 20%. My friend learned this on his own. The truth is that you are mostly inclined not to take these numbers into account, until you do it and see it with your own eyes.

Time to Sell

He has spent most of his holiday working. However it was the best time and money investment he had ever done. Starting this project with big profits on my mind, he ended up loving the results so much that he had no heart to rent or sell it afterwards. He has refused to sell it even when he was offered a whopping 25% over the initial purchasing price. He simply loved the result and decided to rent out his city apartment. My friend moved into his new home, choosing to commute to work every day instead. We all can turn a bad-looking property into a dream home, providing that we are willing to put a lot of effort into it.

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