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How Home Sellers Can Estimate Their Time on the Market

Posted by Dan Grenier // February 26, 2018 // Blog / Sell A House

Timing is everything for home sellers when trying to sell your home.  After the for sale sign is in the front yard you don’t want to wait around forever for an offer.  But if you still need to find your new dream house, you might not want it to sell in a day, either.   […]

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Mistakes Emotional Home Sellers Make

Posted by Dan Grenier // February 12, 2018 // Blog / Sell A House

Home Sellers

Selling your house can of course evoke many different emotions.  If as home sellers, you are realizing this, understand that you are not alone. The important thing for home sellers to keep in mind is to not let your emotions get the best of you.   Here are some things for home sellers to consider […]

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2018 Design Trends for Homeowners

Posted by Dan Grenier // February 5, 2018 // Blog / Sell A House


It can be fun to look back at the trends from the different decades. What was once incredibly popular is now something that homeowners can’t wait to update. If you are looking to sell your house in 2018, you need to stay on top of the current trends. Having a house that looks outdated is […]

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Selling a Home? Signs You Have Sellers Remorse

Posted by Dan Grenier // January 15, 2018 // Blog / Sell A House

Home Sellers

Most home sellers have heard of buyer’s remorse when a buyer regrets the amount that they spent on a purchase. This often happens in the real estate industry, when buyers have their offer accepted on a house and then immediately begin to think they should have made a lower offer. However, this also happens on […]

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Home Staging Like a Pro: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Dan Grenier // January 8, 2018 // Blog / Sell A House

Home Staging

Home staging is a vital step in selling a home.  A staged home can sell much quicker than an un-staged home.  While it can be easier to stage a house with a professional, it is something that can be done by the current owner. Staging can take some time and thought, but it does not […]

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4 Home Projects Worth Your Money Before Selling

Posted by Dan Grenier // December 18, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House


When you are selling your house, you want to get every penny that you can out of it and entice every buyer possible. You may be ready to jump into home remodelling projects to get your house ready, but there are some projects that make sense to sink your money in and others that should […]

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11 Ways to Prepare to Sell a House

Posted by Dan Grenier // December 4, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House

Sell a House

To sell a house for a decent amount of money, there must be a lot of work put in. A seller cannot expect a potential buyer to love their house when it is cluttered, dirty, and needs a lot of updates. Always showcase the house’s potential to show buyers that it will be worth the […]

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Thinking of Selling? Ask These 4 Questions

Posted by Dan Grenier // November 20, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House


People move for a variety of reasons. The statistics now show that the chance of you buying and staying in a house until you have the mortgage paid off are very slim. The majority of people will move multiple times after their first home purchase. The decision to move is not usually an easy one. […]

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Reasons Your Closing Date is Getting Pushed Back

Posted by Dan Grenier // October 23, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House

Closing Date

As a seller, you have little control over how quickly you reach your closing date. Much of the time during the process is spent waiting on the actions of the buyer and the lenders. While you are ready to sign on the dotted line and finish the deal, there is a due diligence plan that […]

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Selling a Small House? Use These 7 Staging Tips

Posted by Dan Grenier // October 16, 2017 // Blog / Sell A House

Small House

Despite the “tiny house craze” that has gained momentum, the majority of buyers are still looking for more room for their families. If you have a small house that is not necessarily “tiny,” you might have your work cut out for you. Sellers of a small house should consider the following 7 staging tips to […]

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