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Buying a House As is (Mistakes You Should Avoid) | We Buy Houses Tips

Posted by Dan Grenier // April 10, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House

As Is

When you are looking through house listings there is a good chance that you will see several houses that are being sold “As Is.” Before you move forward in considering buying a house that is being sold “As Is” you need to understand what it means and how it will affect you. When a home […]

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3 Moves to Seal the Deal as Homebuyers

Posted by Dan Grenier // March 20, 2017 // Blog / Buy A House

During a seller’s market houses can get snatched up before homebuyers even have time to go look at it. If you are tired of losing out to other homebuyers it is time for you to start thinking outside of the box. When you want to make sure your offer is accepted there are a few […]

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Deciphering the Real Estate Listing

Posted by Dan Grenier // December 7, 2016 // Blog / Buy A House

Looking for homes to buy has changed quite dramatically in the last decades. No longer are the days when you’d have to go to the real estate office to see which homes were for sale.  All you need to do now is click a couple of buttons and all the listings are available right at […]

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House for Sale in LaSalle Ontario

Posted by Dan Grenier // November 9, 2016 // Buy A House

  House for Sale in LaSalle Ontario – All Amenities LaSalle Are you looking for a House for Sale in LaSalle Ontario? When you’re purchasing a property you need relevant facts about the house but also about its neighbourhood and community. You most probably have countless questions about La Salle region such as: Is there […]

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How I Raised My Credit Score 100 Points in 3 Months

Posted by Dan Grenier // October 19, 2016 // Buy A House

Some time ago I have decided to pursue the notorious American Dream and purchase myself the white picket house I have always dreamt about. I sort of knew that my credit was not in the best shape possible, mostly because I’ve maxed out my share of credit cards. However I have tricked myself into believing […]

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What is CMHC and How Much does it Cost

Posted by Dan Grenier // October 12, 2016 // Buy A House

What is CMHC? Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation or CMHC is a mortgage insurance company that increases the affordability of housing to Canadian families.  Financial institutes can lend up to 80% of the value of the house.  The homeowner must come up with the other 20%.  It is not everyone who has $60,000, for example, […]

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Grande Prairie Foreclosure

Posted by Dan Grenier // October 5, 2016 // Buy A House

Grande Prairie Foreclosure homes are a great way to make a profitable investment in real estate.  Experts have always said that investing in real estate is a great way to get you profitable returns on your investment. Buying a foreclosed home at a discount helps you obtain those returns. Take Chloe Nathan from Grande Prairie, […]

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Housing Is The Best Investment Tool Of A Lifetime

Posted by Dan Grenier // September 28, 2016 // Buy A House

Many people are still wondering whether or not real estate is one of the best investment strategies for long-term wealth building. Is investing in homes still a smart investment for the average individual? Is a home still the best investment of a lifetime for most Americans? If so, why are some pessimists still questioning the rebound […]

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Real Estate Investing As A Business

Posted by Dan Grenier // September 21, 2016 // Buy A House

“Investment is most intelligent when most business like” – Warren Buffett If investing is better when conducted most business like, does it mean that more real estate investors ought to be investing in a more businesslike fashion? Should every real estate investor be investing as a business? What does that really mean? What does it look […]

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What To Look For In A Good Real Estate Deal

Posted by Dan Grenier // August 17, 2016 // Buy A House

What To Look For In A Good Real Estate Deal Most times, experienced real estate investors focus attention on techniques of making money instead of determining whether a potential real estate transaction will be viable. Finding a good real estate deal is quite important because it is the key factor to the success of your […]

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