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Become a Part of Our Success

Job Postings

Project Manager

General Construction Labourer 

How We Work

PE Real Estate solutions promotes a team and family atmosphere which spreads camaraderie throughout the organization. As a company that practices entrepreneurship, we encourage all of our team members to consider their position their own business to learn, grow and master. We believe that how you do anything is how you do everything, so we push ourselves, never settling for average. Having good times in and outside of the office, embracing our individual uniqueness and always taking it to the next level is how we live!

What Sets Us Apart

We are definitely not Corporate America. At PE Real Estate Solutions, creativity and autonomy are always encouraged. What you are doing when you are first brought on to the team may look much different in one, five, or even ten years. When you are part of the PE Real Estate Solutions family, there’s no telling where your hard work will take you or what your success story will look like and that’s exciting!

Windsor Real Estate Investor Network

Real estate has been proven to be the most effective way to create tremendous wealth and financial freedom. Whether you are an active investor flipping properties, a landlord looking for their next deal, private lender looking to get a great return on investment, a realtor looking to network with other investors, or even a contractor looking to present your services, the Windsor Real Estate Investor Network is the absolute best way to learn from and network with others alike.

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